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A neat introduction video!

Meet Anne Bras the PC-King! This SHOWREEL video shows me as a Game Collector, Game Archiver, Game Historian, Game Designer and GAMER!!! Special thanks to everyone that helped me become the person who I am today!
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Hi! My name is Anne Bras (the PC King) and I'm the owner of World's Largest Collection of Boxed PC Games! Although I mostly focus on PC games in original big box, I also collect games from other consoles such as Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Atari, Commodore 64, Sega Mega Drive, PlayStation, etc...

It was always my dream to share my collection with the world, and I'm very excited to announce that my collection is now exibited in the Home Computer Museum in Helmond (The Netherlands) and is definitely worth a visit!

In the future I hope to be able to place pictures of all the boxed PC games I own on this website (see "collection") and maybe even of all my other games but it takes a long time to archive them and take pictures of all of them. ^^;

I also want to personally thank everyone who donated to my collection!

Just have a look around and enjoy! ;)