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Best interview ever!!! :)
7 Nov 2016

A few days before the opening of my games exhibition I met Rafael! A guy who came all the way from Isreal to the Netherlands just to see my games collection! This meant a lot to me and took the day off so I could meet Rafeal in person and go to the museum in Zwolle together!

He asked if he was allowed to film! Ofcoure this was no problem at all, but I never thought the video would become this amazing!

The video has been online for a few days now and it means a lot to me to see this enormous wave of positive feedback/reactions! I definitely have Rafael to thank for this really remarkable and amazing video and his friendship!

These great pieces of history can now forever be remembered and enjoyed by many!

Link to the video (ENGLISH):

Thank you soooo much Rafael!!!

5 Nov 2016

Just... breathtaking!

New video from PixelCake!
4 Nov 2016

The gentleman from Pixelcake have been busy! Maybe you remember their interview from 2 years ago ( Cool to see all the things that have changed in only 2 years of time! They were also at the grand opening of my games collectie en made this beautiful video! Really cool to see that they also interviewed some of the visitors! :)
Link to the video (Dutch):

Thank you very much Marco & Kevin!

Awesome video by DOSGamert!
25 Oct 2016

Bart Remmers and his girlfriend from DOSGamert came to the Grand Opening of my boxed pc games exhibition and made this amazing video!

Link to the video (with English subtitles):

Thanks a million!!! :D

Boxed PC Games Exhibition

25 Sept 2016

YEAH!!! It's finally happening! The Grand Opening of worlds largest boxed pc games exhibition! After 10 years of collecting my dream will finally come true: "To share my awesome collection with the world!". It will be on sunday, oct 16 (that's within a couple of weeks) in the Games en Computers museum in Zwolle!

I hereby invite you to drop by for a visit! :)


First FOLDER QUEST Let's Play!
25 Sept 2016

British Gamer made a Let's Play video of the game "FOLDER QUEST: What do you do now?" I made during a Game Jam quite some time ago!

It's really cool to see someone else play your game! :)

Link to the website of the game:

Link to the video:

I won the "Crap! I'm Broke" YouTube Contest
15 Apr 2015

I have been a participant in the "Crap! I'm Broke" YouTube Contest (a game by: Arcane Circus) and I WON!!! :D

The object of the contest was to record a playthrough of the game and then post the video on Youtube. The video in which the player reached the highest level won the contest. The winner recieved a one-of-a-kind physical collector's edition of "Crap! I'm Broke"!
This is without a doubt the rarest boxed game I have, since “there is only ONE!”. :)

This collection includes:
- Physical Cardboard Big Box and Jewelcase CD box
- CD including the game, the trailer, screenshots and soundtrack with 4 never-before-heard bonus demo tracks
- Instruction Card
- Certificate of Authenticity signed by the creators of the game proving you won the contest
- Grim Reaper Fridge Magnet
- Arcane Circus Business Card

Watch my playthrough:

You can play the game here:!_I'm_Broke/

What do you do now?

24 Jan 2015

This year I was a participant of the Global Game Jam at the “Warp Zone: A Free Jam in Amsterdam 2015” During which I made the game “FOLDER QUEST: What do you do now?”.

A Folder Quest is an "adventure" game that consists of a sh!tload of folders. Each folder contains a part of a story. The player can make decisions which lead from one folder to another and in that way control the story.

Click here to play (FREE TO PLAY):

My game was mentioned as one of three noteworthy games in The Netherlands at the end of a summary of the Global Game Jam in Enschede by Inside Gamer.
You can read the article HERE.

Flappy Bird for Game Boy Advance
18 Jan 2015

An awesome gift from Jay van Hutten during my housewarming! Flappy Bird for the GBA!!! Programmed by Jay himself!

Link to the video:

Thnx Jay! :D

Retro Game Experience 2014
12-14 Sept 2014

One of the highlight of 2014 was my part in the Retro Game Experience 2014 in museum “Beeld en Geluid” (Visual and Sound) in Hilversum. I got to exhibit my complete LucasArts collection. People could view my collection as well as play some of the games on “old style” pc’s. It was amazing to be able to do a show-and-tell with a small but important part of my enormous collection and see the many positive reactions from so many people.

Every day of the exhibition I also held a presentation about Easter Eggs in videogames. During this Retro Talk I revealed the often funny things that are hidden in games most of us played, as well as teaching them some of the origins of Easter Eggs in gaming.

The website 365Gaming did a piece on the entire weekend in which I am mentioned a couple of times. The article can be found HERE.

More info about the Retro Game Experience 2014 (that undoubtedly will be held again next year) can be found here:

Meet Anne Bras (
17 Apr 2014

The people from approached me for an interview. In this (dutch) interview I talk about my collection, how it all started, what the situation is right now, some beautiful pieces from my collection, how many games we're talking about, my plans for the future (world record and stuff), and many more interesting things!

This interview is definitely worth watching!

Click here for the interview on their website (dutch): as well as Retropals picked up on the interview, both were inspired to write a piece about me.
- Read the article from HERE.
- Read the article from Retropals HERE.

Me on live TV (Amsterdam)
02 Apr 2014

Future Vision Amsterdam has asked me if I would like to talk a bit about my collection during their show. Ofcourse I had no problems with that. ;)

You can click on the picture to go directly to my part of the show.

Click here for the full show:

A Free Jam in Amsterdam

25 Jan 2014

Together with 5 other artists I worked on the art for the game Infinite Beating. Infinite Beating is an odd-ball Smash Bros-esque fighter for 2-4 players that was created during the jam "Warp-Zone: A Free Jam in Amsterdam".

Since so many artists worked on the this game, it gained a uniquely mixed style. Looks include pixel art, watercolour painting, vector, digital painting and 3D.

Click here to play (FREE TO PLAY):
> Infinite Beating

SaltoTV interview
10 Jan 2014

A live radio/TV interview about games and game addiction. It was a bit weird to be there without knowing what we were going to talk about. :P

You can click on the picture to go directly to the interview.

Click here for the full broadcast (dutch):

A Double Fine Visit!
03 Jan 2014

A visit from Drew Skillman and Lydia Choy (Double Fine Productions). It was really nice meeting them both. They both were very kind people. We had a great talk about how games are made now compared to how they were made in the past.

They both also signed my Brutal Legend game! :D

Meeting Charles Martinet
(the voice of Mario)

27 Nov 2013

And then all of a sudden you're standing there together with Charles Martinet!!! O.O;;;

What a great man!

C64 music legend Jeroen Tel
26 Oct 2013

I met Jeroen Tel during the Retro Event 2013 in Elst. Jeroen is well known for composing music for over one hundred different games (mostly C64 games).

He also performed that evening during the event.

Here's one of his great concerts:

The PC-king strikes again

24 Sept 2013

An article from about the beginning of my Guinness World Record Attempt.

Read the article here (dutch):

The internet has found me again (reddit)
20 Sept 2013

Here's the URL to the original reddit post:

PC-Collection Photoshoot!
14 Sept 2013

After months of preparation I finally managed to arrange a photoshoot of my entire collection! :D This was something I wanted to do for a very long time and look how AWESOME the result is! :)

A lot of people ask me if I have the biggest collection in the world and to be honest I'm not sure. But since I have many beautiful photos now (you can click on the photo for a full size version) I decided to try set a record for "Largest collection of big boxed PC games" at Guinness World Records!!! :D

I have no idea what the outcome will be but I might have a good change don't you think? ;)

Extra details:
- My double games were also in the photo.
- My Lucas Arts collection is NOT in this photo because it's exhibited at the "Bonami Spelcomputer Museum" in Epe.

I would like to thank the following people for making it all possible!!!

- Marjolein Pronk
- Molly Carroll
- Erik van Wees
- Koen Sandbrink
- Judith Hoohenkerk
- Joëlla Spier

- Rob Bras

- Paul Benjaminse

- Sophie Troost


- Aart Markies
- Geke Verhoog

Super Mario Bros 3
Subway map of Amsterdam

09 Aug 2013

This is what you get when you're a gamer AND a cartographer. ;)

You can buy the poster here:

Interview for Kijk-online
05 Aug 2013 was in search of game-collectors. After we made contact online an interview followed.

Read the interview here (dutch):

Invited by Nintendo
12 Jun 2013

Me and John (from the Bonami Spelcomputer Museum) were invited by Nintendo to visit the Nintendo office in the Netherlands for the "Nintendo Post E3".

There we were able to play all the games that were shown at "E3 2013" (plus some extra games that weren't shown at E3, like "Sonic Lost World").

Here's a video with all the games from the E3 2013:

Tim Schafer signs my game!!! O.O
12 Apr 2013

A great friend of mine went to San Fransico, also in the hopes of meeting Tim Schafer in real life. The moment I heard about that I asked her if she wanted to take one of my game boxes (Psychonauts - By Tim Schafer) with her in the hopes of getting it signed by him.

Against all odds it all worked out as planned. Even better actually since many of the Double Fine crewmembers also signed the box!!! So I guess I'm now the happiest man in the world! ^^

On the picture (left) you see Tim Schafer signing the game box and in the smaller picture you see my friend Molly on the right, talking to Tim Schafer on the left (2 days after he shaved his beard)

I'm now the lucky owner of a signed Psychonauts game in box all thanks to Molly! Thank you sooo much Molly! ^^ visits the Exhibition
06 Apr 2013

The people from wrote an article about their visit at my LucasArts Exhibition.

Read the article here (dutch):

It's still possible to visit the LucasArts Exhibition.
(till June 30, 2013).

I'm in the credits of Toki Tori 2
04 Apr 2013

I would like to thank the people from Two Tribes since it was a great honer to be able to playtest their game Toki Tori 2.

See my name in the Credits here:

Or on their website:

LucasArts Exhibition
From 02 Apr 2013 to 30 Jun 2013

Founded in 1982 by filmmaker George Lucas, LucasArts is a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software worldwide for video game console systems, computers, mobile devices and the Internet.

During this exhibition you will find almost all the old LucasArts games that came out in original big box and many of them are playable in the museum!

Click HERE for the poster!

Martk 5
8161 CL Epe

Special thanks to:

Throne of Games VIRAL on 9gag
13 Mar 2012

Here's the URL to the original 9gag post:

Me & Notch AKA Markus Persson!
(the man behind Minecraft)

03 Nov 2011

I was one of the few lucky people who met Markus Persson during his short stay in Utrecht (he just dropped by in his private jet)! It's not often that you can talk for more then an hour with this guy! Jens Bergensten was also there! I've had some really inspiring conversations with these guys! :)

Thank you both very much Markus & Jens!

PC-Games Exhibition
17 Jun 2010

More than 150 PC games in original big box and 200 old DOS games playable for all the visitors!

HKU, Utrecht School of the Arts
(in Hilversum)

Special thanks to:
- Erik v. Wees
- Nicky Markies
- Wendy Draaijer
- My parents

Peace through Power!
07 Mar 2010

Actor Joseph Kucan, better known as Kane from the Command & Conquer-series, was in the Netherlands for a "meet and greet" during the release of Command & Conquer: Tiberian Twilight (part 4 of the Tiberian series).

He's a great guy with a good sense of humour. He forgot that most of the boxes he had to sign were very dark and since he only had a black marker this was not very convenient, so he borrowed my silver marker for all the signatures (I still have that marker). ^^