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Donkey Kong Jenga (CE)

Christmas present from my girlfriend!
I love you Marjolein! ^^

Shadow Warrior

Who wants some Wang? ;) After a long search I finally found this awesome game (still with seal)! :D


Just bought these 7 complete NES/SNES mega titels!!!
- SNES: Zombies (mint)
- SNES: Donkey Kong Country 2 (mint)
- SNES: Donkey Kong Country 3 (near mint)
- SNES: Final Fantasy 3 (mint + poster)
- SNES: Lufia (Big Box, very good)
- NES: Adventure Island 1 (near mint)
- NES: Adventure Island 2 (near mint)
6 new PC games!

Some PC games I found at a jumble sale!
- Prince of Persia 3D
- Anno 1602
- Age of Wonders
- Age of Empires 2 (gold edition)
- The Settlers 3
- Hercules (action game)

Two C64 games!

- Defender 64
- Scrample 64

Nintendo 8-bit (NES) in box!

I found this beauty at a second hand shop in Alkmaar for almost nothing! So pretty! ^^

Lufia (the comic book)


A cool donation from two great friends!
I didn't even knew that this comic book existed!

Thank you,
Johan & Peter!

Final Fantasy VII

I finally have Final Fantasy VII (PC) complete in box!!! :D


More than 20 PC games. Of course I prefer them boxed but hey ... there are some pretty awesome games among them!

Thank you Wouter!


The one and only C64 game I always wanted to own!
(now I can finally remove it from my bucket list) ;)


- Gameboy Color (complete with cables and accessories)
- Pokémon Red (with an almost complete pokédex)
- Pokémon Crystal
- Zelda: Oracle of Ages
- Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
- GTA 2
- Mega Man Xtreme

A beautiful donation from a friend.
Thank you very much Marcel!!! :D
NES cartridge "Hammerin' Harry"

I almost wasn't able to buy it because the first person I wanted to buy it from realized it was quite rare and kept it for himself. XD

Retro Game Championship T-shirt (signed)

Retro Game Championship T-shirt. Signed by Jason Bardis (guy who ended up 2nd place at the Finals in Las Vegas).

The Great Giana Sisters

The Great Giana Sisters 2001 CD-single!
(incl. Tom Nony VS Pufo Remix)


4 CD-i games

- 7th Guest
- Litil Divil
- Cartoon Carnival
- The Apprentice

The Apprentice is a very funny game, but what really made me buy it:


Firstlook 2012

Goodies of that day!
- 3 t-shirts (thrown into the public)
- 2 figurines! (Brewmaster & Kerrigan)
- Some posters

Two lovely PC games

After some negotiation I was able to buy those games from an other collector.
- Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos
- The Lord of the Rings

NES cartridge "Uninvited"

A game I bought after some encouragement from a friend.
Thnx Felicio! ;P

Two Sega Mega Drive games.

Another visite at Bonami Spelcomputer Museum.

After a few games of Pong with Naomi and trying out some new games with John, I bought these two games from they're shop. ^^;

Thank you John and Naomi for the great day . :)

Retro Computer Beurs

I was at the "Retro Computer Beurs" in Apeldoorn. It was an awesome day and bought a little too much. ^^;

- N64 - Zelda - Majora's Mask (complete/mint)
- GB - Super Mario Land 1 (complete/mint)
- GB - Super Mario Land 2 (complete/mint)
- GB - Rodland (gameboy/rare)
- SNES - Pushover (snes/fun game)
- Atari - Joust (flying on ostriches :D)
- E-Reader Card (game on a card :P)
- NES - Robin Hood (nes)
- NES - Super Mario Bros 1 (complete/near mint)
- NES - Shadowgate (just wanted to have this)
- Mario Suitcase
- Sega Megadrive - Sonic Compilation (complete/mint)
- Sega Megadrive - Comix Zone (complete/mint)
- PC - Sorcerian
- PC - Creatures 3 (I already had part 1)
- PC - Prince of Persia 3D (box with relief)
- PC - Police Quest - Collection Series (part 1-5)
- PC - Outlaws (Lucas Arts game ^^)
- PC - Space Quest IV - Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers
- PC - Legend
- PC - Call of Chutulu - Shadow of the Comet
- PC - Anno 1602
- Final Fantasy VII (without a game but with all the booklets)
- Zork Nemesis (I nou have ALL Zork games)
- PC - The Beast Within (I already have the box)
- 4 PC game guides (Larry/Space Quest/C&C/11th hour)

9 new PC games

This was a game exchange with another collector.
- Creatures 1
- Anno 1602
- Lure of the Temptress
- Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers
- Duckman
- LEGO Island
- Ancient Art of War at Sea
- Sim City 3000

PS. I bought Magic Carpet earlier this month. It just helped me filling up the image. ;)

94 PC spellen in doos

I picked these up at the GameShop in Haarlem. The man was glad that he now had some more space in his shop. ^^

7 boxes full of PC games

Viva la Marktplaats! ^^

4 NES games in box

Bought these NES games at a second hand shop.

- Star Wars (complete/mint)
- Rainbow Islands - Bubble Bobble 2 (complete)
- Top Gun (complete/mint)
- Dudes with Attitude (complete)

Solar Charger (for the GB Classic)

- I found this at a webshop and needed to have it. ^^;

Atari stuffz

I was able to take this over from a friend. I'm very pleased with it.
Thnx Robin! :)

- Atari (complete with cables)
- 2 controllers
- 9 games

9 PC games in mint condition

- Gobliiins 1
- Goblins Quest 3
- Might and Magic - Dark Side of Xeen
- Might and Magic - Clouds of Xeen
- Woodruff
- Discworld 1
- Little Big Adventure 1
- Secret of Monkey Island, The
- Day of the Tentacle

Virutal Boy (new sealed in box)

Thank you John for borrowing me your "Wario Land"! :)

Two beautiful LucasFilm games

- Night Shift
- Loom (including the audiocassette)


I was very lucky to be able to take over 600 boxed PC games (complete) for a former collector.

Thank you very much Pieter!