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The Roberta Williams Anthology


A really beautiful donation (with original seal) from someone I became friends with!

Thank you Patrick!

More treasures

Some PC games I bought: - Little Big Adventure
- Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast
- Duke Nukem 3D
- C&C: Red Alert
- eJay/Music Mix
- GTA 1 (jewelcase)
- Pandora's Box
- Magic the Gathering
- Magic the Gathering: Spells of the Ancients
- Railroad Tycoon
- Railroad Tycoon (Action Sixteen)
- Age of Empires: The Conquerors
- Worms Armageddon
- Super Tetris
- Lemmings Revolution
- Mordor

Beautiful new gems!

After some searching I found these very nice games!
- Strike Fleet
- StarCraft - Collectors Edition
- The Settlers II - Gold Edition
- Wacky Wheels
- Outpost
- Gold Rush - (Very rare Wooden Box Collectors Edition
- Freddy Pharkas (A game I wanted for a very long time)

Homebrew NES games

Two homebrew NES games that are really worth playing:
- Mario Adventure
- Legend of Zelda - Outlands

Look them up on YouTube! They're awesome! :P

Jill of the Jungle

For a long time I didn't even know this game had a box!
- Jill of the Jungle
- Jill of the Jungle: Jill saves the Prince

I'm still missing part #2 "Jill Goes Underground"!
Hopefully I'll find that game later!

Day of the Tentacle


Q: What's more awesome than "Day of the Tentacle" in Box?
A: "Day of the Tentacle" in the TRIANGLE BOX!!!


Retro Event 2013

I bought these at the "Retro Event" in Elst! :)
- PC - Lomax (a "Lemmings" game)
- Oude "Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark" flyer
- Atari 2600 - Frogger
- GBA - Sim City 2000 (with box & manual)
- GBC - Perfect Dark
- GB - Gear Works
- GB/GBC - Shadowgate Classic
- GB/GBC - Monkey Puncher

Few donations!

I've bought some of these and the others were donated!

Two wonderful GB/GBC games

Both games are briljant and quite rare as well!
- GB - Trip World
- GB/GBC - Survival Kids

Retro Spelcomputer Beurs 2013

My new goodies from the Retro Spelcomputer Beurs in Apeldoorn.
- PC - The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes
- PC - The Magic Candle II
- PC - Siege
- PC - Conan: The Cimmarion
- Book - Super Gameboy (Nintendo)
- Book - Mean Sega Machines - Complete Review Guide
- Book - How to win at Super Mario Bros Games
- NES - Castlequest
- NES - Milon's Secret Castle
- NES - The Ultimate Stuntman
- NES - Pyramid
- GBA - Metal Slug Advance
- GBA - Advance Wars

Secret of Mana + Zelda DX

2 games that look very nice in my collection! :)
- SNES - Secret of Mana (Near Mint)
- GBC - Zelda: Link to the Past DX (Excellent)

PC boxes with & without games!


A new DONATION from Wim!!!
(from the GameShop in Haarlem).

The upper 2 rows don't have games in them (but do have all the manuals/maps and stuff). The boxes on the bottom row are all complete.

Very cool that a shop like that still exists!

Thank you very much Wim!
Good luck with the store! :)

(3 computers/2 consoles)


Got a few awesome (still working) computers and consoles!
- Commodore 64
- Commodore 64 (newer)
- Atari ST
- Atari 2600
- Old PONG machine

Thank you very much Janny! :D

Wolfenstein Poster

An AWESOME Wolfenstein Poster from 1994!!!

Tabula Rasa


That one game that is no more! Still cool to have the Collector's Edition of it in my collection.

Thank you very much Ricardo!

6 PC gems!!!

Here are some beautiful PC gems I found!
- Pipe Dream (LucasArts)
- Sonic & Knuckles (Sega PC)
- Rise of the Triad (Apogee)
- Oil's Well (Sierra)
- Gold Rush (Sierra)
- Might and Magic II (New World Computing, Inc.)

Few more games

Some PC games in box (and a book):
- Monopoly
- Monopoly Star Wars
- Yahtzee
- Lords of the Realm
- Book - "Het Grote King's Quest Boek"


I love flea markets! ^^

Game stuff

Some cool game-related stuffz!
- Book: 7th Guest
- Book: The Dig
- Poster: Broken Sword
- Poster: Sam & Max
- Full Throttle OST: The Gone Jackles - Bone to Pick

4 big boxed PC games


A cool DONATION from Sophie Troost!!!
- The Sims: Het Rijke Leven
- Mystic Midway: Phantom Express
- Street of Sim City
- Around Atlanta

Thank you very much Sophie! ;)

5 PC games in box

Some cool games Jord found for me!
- Lands of Lore II
- Blair Which
- Ring Cycle
- Phantasmagoria
- Pandemonium!

Thanks again Jord! :)

All 3 Zelda's for the CD-i

After searching for a long time I finally managed to make my Zelda CD-i collection compleet!
- Link: The Faces of Evil
- Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon
- Zelda's Adventure

Few new games

Some games I found in a few different stores.

Some awesome PC games

A couple of very neat PC games in box:
- Full Trottle (I always thought that the horizontal box was the "Limited Edition" version, but since this one has no "Limited Edition" sticker I'm beginning to doubt)
- Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (the sequel to Castle Wolfenstein and the game BEFORE Wolfenstein 3D)
- Mortimer and the Riddles of the Medallion (A very very rare LucasArts game. It took me a long time to find this one)
- Leisure Suit Larry 2: Looking for love (the only Larry game I was missing to complete my Larry collection)
- Might and Magic: Book One (The very first Might and Magic game)
- Metropolis (I have no clue what this game is about but it was sealed and was only $1 so I couldn't leave it behind ^^)

All the games are in Near Mint/Perfect condition.

6 PC games and 3 CD-i games


New DONATION from Eveline!!!
- PC - Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective (big box)
- PC - The 11th Hour (big box)
- PC - Battle Zone (big box)
- PC - 12 cd-rom computergames (jewelcase)
- PC - Dragons: Metal Ages (jewelcase)
- PC - Starsiege: Universe (jewelcase)
- CD-i - Pac-Panic (jewelcase)
- CD-i - Arcade Classics (jewelcase)
- CD-i - Litil Divil (jewelcase)

Thank you so much Eveline!!! :D

Jill of the Jungle 1, 2 and 3

The original "Jill of the Jungle" set on diskette (sealed).

Long list overthere! --->
45 PC games (many in Big Box)


A beautiful donation from Humphrey!
- Monkey Island 1 (big box)
- Monkey Island 2 (big box)
- Monkey Island 3 (big box)
- Monkey Island 4 (big box)
- Day of the Tentacle (big box)
- Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (big box)
- Star Wars: Dark Forces (big box)
- Blade Runner (big box)
- The X-Files (big box)
- The 7th Guest: Master Edition (big box)
- TerraNova (slimcase)
- The 7th Guest (spelhandleiding)
- Megarace (big box)
- Hardline (big box)
- Shogo: Mobile Armor Division (big box)
- Unreal (big box)
- Doom (big box)
- Star Wars Galaxies (big dvd box)
- Tornado (big box)
- Strike Commander (big box)
- Screamer (big box)
- StarCraft: Collector's Edition (big box)
- Unreal Tournament 2004 (big dvd box)
- Syndicate (big box)
- Cyberia (big box)
- Extreme Assault (big box)
- Pinball Dreams (big box)
- MYST (big box)
- Resident Evil 2 (big box)
- Driver (big box)
- Silver (big box)
- System Shock 1 (big box)
- System Shock 2 (big box)
- Command & Conquer 1 (big box)
- Command & Conquer: Covert Operations (big box)
- Red Alert 1 (big box)
- Little Big Adventure 1 (big box)
- Final Racing (cd-rom in sleeve)
- Incoming (cd-rom in sleeve)
- Dune 2 (cd-rom in jewelcase)
- Dungeon Keeper Gold (cd-rom + manual)
- Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (cd-rom + manual)
- Raptor (cd-rom in jewelcase)
- Willy Beamish (cd-rom in jewelcase)
- Full Throttle (cd-rom in jewelcase)
- The Dig (cd-rom in jewelcase)

Many, many thanks Humphrey!!!

Wolfenstein 3D + Doom (sharew.)
Both sealed and in big box!


Guess what finally arrived!!!

The original Wolfenstein 3D (and the shareware version of Doom) sealed and in big box! This game is quite hard to find. Mainly because it has never seen the stores and you could only buy it through mail-order. The game was also forbidden in many countries due to the fact that your mission is to kill Hitler in this game. ^^;

I'm very happy I found it!

Serious Sam

Jord had put this game aside for me in his game shop (Next Level) in Hilversum!

Thnx Jord

Gameboy Pocket + Games


A cool donation from Tabitha!
- Gameboy Pocket in original case
- Pocket Power Pack
- Another Gameboy case
- GB - Pokémon Blue
- SNES - Tetris Attack (complete in box)
- SNES - Pitfall

Thank you very much Tabitha!

5 LucasFilm Games

A few LucasFilm & LucasArts games I didn't have yet
- C64 - The Eidolon
- C64 - PHM Pegasus
- C64 - Koronis
- Amiga - Battlehawks 1942
- PC - Star Wars: Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire

Hero Quest + Golden Axe

Some must have Commodore 64 games I found
- C64 - Hero Quest
- C64 - Golden Axe

Tongue of the Fatman

Weird game from a weird store! ;)

Hocus Pocus

I just love this game! ^^

Long list! --->
Queensday findings


- PC - SimCity 3000 (2x)
- PC - Martian Gothic: Unification
- PC - Longest Journey
- PC - Street Wars
- PC - Total Annihilation
- PC - MYST III: Exile
- PC - Apache: Longbow
- PC - Total Annihilation: Kingdoms
- PC - The Settlers II
- PC - Unreal
- PC - Amerzone
- PC - Ascendancy
- PC - Creatures 2
- PC - Anno 1701
- PC - Howie's Boomhut
- NES - Super Mario Bros & Duck Hunt (2x)
- DS - SimCity DS
- DS - Mario Party DS
- DS - Mario Kart DS
- DS - Bomberman
- PS2 - Final Fantasy X (met daarin Kingdom Hearts 2)
- PS2 - Soulcalibur II
- PS2 - Soulcalibur III
- PS2 - Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence
- PS2 - Super Monkey Ball Deluxe
- PS3 - Brutal Legend
- PS3 - Uncharted 3
- GB - 4-IN-1
- GB - Tetris
- GB - Tetris 2
- GB - Worms
- GB - Baseball
- GB - Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Montana's Movie Madness
- GB - Tennis
- GB - TMHT: Fall of the Foot Clan
- GB - Game USA Color Advance (32-IN-1)
- GB - 32-IN-1
- GB - Marble Madness
- GB - Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break
- GB - Lemmings
- Gameboy Classic
- N64 pokemon gameboy transporter

19 PC games (many in Big Box)


A brilliant donation from Wouter!!!
- Rally Championship (big box)
- Toca 2 (big box)
- Outlaws (big box)
- Grandprix 2 (big box)
- Grandprix 3 (big box)
- Grandprix 4 (big box)
- 7th Guest (big box)
- Myst (big box)
- The Ultimate Doom (big box)
- Quake (big box)
- Duke Nukem 3D (big box)
- Coronel Indoor Kartracing (dvd case)
- Quake III (dvd case)
- GTA (dvd case)
- Command & Conquer (jewelcase)
- Kings Quest 7 (jewelcase)
- Formula 1 (jewelcase)
- Magic Carpet (jewelcase)
- Colin Mcrae Rally 2.0 (sleeve)

Thank you very much Wouter!

Quest, Quest, Quest!

- Space Quest I, II, III, IV, V
- King's Quest I, II, III, IV, V, VI
- Police Quest I

8 new PC games in Big Box

- Might & Magic I, II, III, IV, V
- King's Quest V
- Earthworm Jim I & II
- Earthworm Jim 3D
- Heroes of Might & Magic I, II & III (Millennium Edition)
- Panzer Dragoon
- Oddworld: Ade's Oddysee
- Rayman Gold

Retro Computer Beurs

This is what happens when I go to a Retro Gaming Fair.
- PC - Tomb Raider - The Last Revelation - Sealed
- PC - Star Controle 1, 2 & 3 in 1 box
- PC - Gunman - Sealed
- PC - Leisure Suit Larry III: (with postcard & magazine)
- PC - Space Quest III
- PC - Super Street Fighter Turbo
- PC - Empire Earth
- PC - Ever Quest
- PC - Uncharted Waters (including a poster & map)
- Sega Mega Drive - Jurassic Park
- Sega Mega Drive - World of Illusion
- Sega Mega Drive - Sonic 3
- Sega Mega Drive - Mortal Kombat 3
- Hint-boek van Blake Stone & Duke Nukem II
- Donkey Kong Country (THE MOVIE!!!)
- GBA - Yoshi's Island
- GBA - Worms Blast
- GB - 4x een X in 1 cartridge
- GB - Donkey Kong Land II
- GB - Donkey Kong Land III
- GB - Final Fantasy Legend II (near mint)
- SNES - Final Fantasy II
- Atari - Adventure
- 3x Club Nintendo Blad

4 new LucasArts games!

I found these four LucasArts games for just €25,-!

Ni no Kuni (Wizard's Edition)

Veni Vidi Emi

Star Control

The space game that (for me) started it all!

Willy Beamish

A really beautiful game from Sierra & Dynamix! I'm very glad I found the 5.25-inch disk version complete with stickers and schoolbook!

9 PC games!

Big Box:
- Lead and Destroy
- Sim City
- WarCommander
- Flying Colours Deluxe
- Sinistar Unleashed
- Conquest: Frontier Wars

- The 7th Guest
- The 11th Hour
- Blackhawk

The 6 games in big box are all sealed!

Civilization III
(Collectors Edition)


Found this poor game in a retro-game shop in Paris!
So I took it with me! ^^

2 beautiful PC games in box!

- Hellfire
The only autorized expansion pack for Diablo 1 (by Sierra).
Very difficult to get in box!

- Normality
Just a must have point-n-click adventure game! ;)

PC Gameplay Magazines

I found all these (with cd-roms) for just €5,- all together!

Super Mario RPG
Legend of the Seven Stars


Me happy! ^^

Eternal Darkness (Gamecube)

Hello Insanity-Meter!!! ;)

Final Fantasy VII
(the NOT platinum edition)


I was very lucky to trade this game with a great friend!

- She really wanted "American McGee's Alice" for the PC.
- I wanted Final Fantasy VII (NOT platinum) for the PS1.
Turned out we both had these games double. :D

Thank you Molly!!!

Super Mario Land 3 (Wario Land)

I just bought "Super Mario Land 3". Now I finally have all 3 Super Mario Land games complete in box!

The 7th Guest (Special Edition)

I think this is the most beautiful PC box I own! It even has a Special Edition VHS tape with "The Making-of" in it!

It's really worth opening this box! ;)

Skullmonkeys (PS1)

The sequel to the video game "The Neverhood"! And since I bought "The Neverhood" in box not so long ago I really wanted to find this one aswell!

I succeeded! ^^

4 Gameboy classic games


- Looney Tunes
- Super Mario Land 1
- Tom & Jerry
- Kwirk (this game is quite awesome!!!)

Thank you very much Eva!!! :D

Adventure (Atari 2600)

The very first "Adventure Game" KNOWN TO MANKIND!!! I like being dramatic! ;)

(but it's true though)

Alley Cat (C64)

I would really like to have this game in box for the PC, but to be honest I don't even know if it exists so C64 will do just fine! ^^

Conker's Bad Fur Day!!!

Far out the BEST game for the N64!!!
I found it complete and in mint contition! :P

Maniac Mansion (complete)

Another game from my "Holy Grail List"!
So glad I finally found it!!! :D

Half-Life 2 (CE) Sealed!!!
I found this game (still in seal) at the Gameshop in Hengelo! And because it was a bit dented on one side I only paid €39,- for it! :P

Few funny games

Funny games I bought at the Gameshop in Enschede!
- Prehistorik Man
- Legend of the River King 2

King's Quest V (for the NES)

Of all King's Quest games I know, King's Quest V will always be my favorite! Long time ago I finished this game for the PC together with my brother Kaj! Later I found out that there also was King's Quest V for the NES! After searching for a long time I finally found it! :D

Some games for the PC


- LEGO Star Wars
- Myst IV: Revelation
- Blitzkrieg
- CSI: Miami

Thnx Barry! :D

Found some diamonds!!!

After a year of saving I was finally able to buy some PC games from my "Holy Grail List"!
- Wolfenstein 3D: Spear of Destiny
- The Neverhood
- Commander Keen 6: Aliens ate my Babysitter!

Indiana Jones: Last Crusade (Action Game)

A game my girlfriend found for me in a weird/small second hand shop!

6 new PC games

PC games my mother bought for me!
(my mother is awesome) :P
- Animal
- Comix Zone
- Tamagotchi
- Lula VB
- Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
- Monkey Island 2