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SimCity (Godzilla cover) +
SimCity Graphics Set 1



After soms patience I finally found a copy of SimCity 1 (in box) with the very rare "Godzilla" cover (it took me a long time to find this box)!!! :)

The change in box designs (see cover scans) was due to trademark infringement- the use of Godzilla on the cover wasn't appreciated by Toho Studios.


Extractors (SEALED)

Remember the game "Diggers" I was talking about earlier? Well, this is part 2 (sealed)!!!
- Extractors


I played this game a lot when I was little.
- Diggers

Some new big boxed PC games

A bunch of big boxed PC games I picked up recently!

River City Ransom: Underground

An officially licensed, North American follow-up to one of the most beloved RPG beat'em ups of all time. Here is what they say about this beautiful game on their website:

Replica Game Box:
A hand-numbered, limited-edition promotional game box featuring art from River City Ransom: Underground. Only 300 of these boxes will ever exist. Contains a printed "old school" game manual, replica cartridge with label, and a postcard signed by the Conatus Creative team, including Yoshihisa Kishimoto, creator of Double Dragon. Purchasers will also receive a code for all digital content available (game, comic, manual, map, OST, wallpaper, weapon skins, Kunio and Riki skins) when the game is released.

Even though the Kickstarter campaign had ended, I was still able to get my hands on this amazing limited-edition. :D

- Bannon Rudis (art director, game designer)
- Daniel Crenna (producer, engine developer)
- Dustin Crenna (audio director, game designer)
- Mark De Verno (gameplay developer, harbinger of reality)
- Justin Cyr (animator)
- Ryoma Machida (executive producer in Tokyo)
- Nina Matsumoto (localization, cover art)
- Disasterpeace (music)


Commander Blood & Kiloblaster 2

Two awesome new big boxed PC games:
- Commander Blood (SEALED)
- Kiloblaster 2

Gold Rush Madness

With this new "Gold Rush! Anniversary Special Edition Box" (big box on the right), my "Gold Rush" collection is finally complete! :D

Diable III: RoS T-shirts & Game!


An AWESOME donation from Nonathani! ;)
- PC - Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
- T-shirt (2x)

Thanks dude!!! :D

Jewelcase cd-rom games!


A cool donation from Yoeri Staal!
- Rayman 2
- Earthworm Jim 3D
- Lucky Ducky
- Actua Soccer
- Galgje (Davilex)
- Toonstruck
- Jazz Jackrabbit
- Moving Puzzle
- Tekenfilm Tovenaar
- Fort Boyard
- Dinosaur Safari
- Motocross Madness

Thank you Yoeri!

Elvira and 2 awesome C64 games

Maybe a bit too late for Halloween but I'm still very happy that I found the game "Elvira" for the PC (for a reasonable price)! I'm also very curious about Captain Blood!

I've already played "The Blues Brothers" for the PC, NES, SNES and Game Boy, so why not try the C64 version! ;)

- PC - Elvira
- C64 - Captain Blood
- C64 - The Blues Brothers


My first IndieBox!
And OMG it is awesome!!! :D

A game by Vlambeer!
Star Trek game from Hanneke!


- Star Trek - The Next Generation

Thank you Hanneke Lovink! :3

Internet finds!

- Lands of Lore III
- Flip Out!
- Eric the Unready
- Amsterdoom
- The Blues Brothers
- Book - Het Grote King's Quest Boek

Dynamite Headdy!!! <3

Music wise Waterflame is my favorite chiptune, techno, breakbeat, orchestral producer and in one of his video's he explains that "Dynamite Headdy" (a game from his childhood) has in his opinion the best soundtrack ever!

For me this was already enough reason to buy it! ;)

So we meet at last!!!

My RetroN 5 finally arrived! :3

Yogho Yogho! XD

My patience has paid off!!!

After a long search for the Dutch game "Yogho Yogho" without luck I eventually received an email from someone who saw I was searching for the game. She asked if I was still searching for the game cause she was cleaning the house and accidentally found it. Of course I still wanted it since I was searching for a couple of years now. :D

Lucky me!!! ^^


A very rare and ... extreme game! I was very lucky to find this game in such a good condition, even though the manual is copied!

Just don't ask me what this game is about! ^^;

Cool NES games (Boxed)

Dilemma: I really want to play "Zoda's Revenge (Star Tropics II)" on a real NES, but it's sealed! :S

Still very nice finds though! :P


Some Sierra games and another awesome point-n-click adventure game I'm very curious about (Inherit the Earth).
- Sid & Al's Incredible Toons
- Inherit the Earth
- Kings Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
- Sierra Award Winners (compilation)
- Castle of Dr. Brain

Some nice titles!

The one and only "Castle Wolfenstein" and another old but fun game "Dark Ages"!!!
- Atari - Castle Wolfenstein (the very first wolfenstein game)
- PC - Dark Ages (A game I played often as a kid)

Zelda 25th Anniversary CD!

The Legend of Zelda:
25th Anniversary Special Orchestra CD!


This shop never let's me down!

Here are a couple of nice games I bought at Gameshop Twente:
- PC - Blood
- PC - Towers of Darkness (compilation)
- DS - Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
- GB - Wings of Fury
- GB - Duck Tales

More loot!

And then I discovered a nice shop with lots of awesome/weird games! ^^;
- NES - Wizardry
- NES - Ultima Exodus
- NES - Jaws
- NES - Where's Waldo?
- NES - Taboo - The sixth sense
- NES - Mendel Palace
- NES - Battle Chess
- NES - There in time is Carmen Sandiego?
- GB - Die Maus
- GB - Jurassic Park
- GB - Revenge of the Gator
- GB - Dexterity
- GB - Kirby's Star Stacker
- GB - Kirby's Pinball Land
- GB - Blades of Steel
- GB - Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves
- GB - Tetris Attack
- GB - Tetris Plus
- GB - Tetris Blast
- GB - Cutthroat Island
- GBC - Crystalis
- GBC - Rampart

I'm very curious about these games! Really looking forward to play them! :)

All your base are belong to us!


DONATION!!!! Zero Wing (European & Japanese)! A lot of people have never heard of this game, but many of them have heard of the sentence "All your base are belong to us!".

Thank you very much Max! ^^

200 boxed PC games from Wim


An ENORMOUS donation from Wim van Trigt from Gameshop Haarlem (All the boxed PC games on the picture)! The largest donation so far!

Thanks a million Wim!

Consoles from a Colleague!

My colleague Barry had found some boxed consoles for me at a small markted:
- Topfighter (SNES joystick)
- Atari 2600
- Odyssey 2001

All complete in box!
Thnx Barry! ;)


- PC - Jill of the Jungle: Jill Goes Underground (Sealed)
- PC - Jill of the Jungle: Jill Saves the Prince (Sealed)
- PC - Elvira II - The Jaws of Cerberus
- Amiga - Prehistorik 1
- PC - Duck Tales: Quest for Gold (Finally)
- PC - Gremlins 2

Some awesome things I found!

- Original LucasArts Cap
- Original Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Jacket
- Book - Doom
- Straregy Guide - Diablo I

Nice findings!

- PC - Populous: The Beginning (DONATION!)
- PC - Sim Earth
- PC - Crimson Skies
- PC - Human Onslaught
- PC - Darksiders - Hellbook Edition

Some games I bought from Pim

- Civilization II
- Star Wars - Jedi Knight
- Star Wars - Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the Sith
- Star Wars - Rebellion
- Star Wars - X-Wing VS Tie Fighter
- Star Wars - X-Wing VS Tie Fighter - Balance of Power
And many games in a dvd-case!

Thnx Pim! :)

More Kingsday loot!

Hessel also found some awesome boxed PC games for me on Kingsday!

Thank you Hessel! :)

My Kingsday loot!

During Kingsday in the Netherlands I found:
- 15 Boxed PC games
- 8 Gameboy games
- 2 NES games
- 1 PlayStation 2 game
- 2 Controlers (PS2 + C64)
And some other stuff! ;)

Stonekeep Tombstone Edition!

I have a new tombstone... I mean "game" in my collection! :)

Some nice games from Melvyn

I bought a couple of cool games from a guy I met online (plus a few extra games I've bought)!
- Kiss - Psycho Circus - The Nightmare Child
- Carmagadon 3
- Beasts & Pumpkins
- The X-Files - The Game
- Theme Hospital
- Revenant
- Dementia
- Virus 2000
- 9
- Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire
- Rent-A-Hero
- Stunt Driver
- Urban Assault

Thank you Melvyn Christiaan


I was very lucky to find all these beautiful sierra games together!
- Quest for Glory I
- Quest for Glory II
- Quest for Glory III
- Leisure Suit Larry - Collection Series
- King's Quest I
- King's Quest V
- King's Quest VI
- Conquest's of Camalot
- Code-Name: Iceman
- Gold Rush
- Space Quest V - Roger Wilco - The Next Mutation
- Heart of China
- The Colonel's Bequest
- The Black Cauldron
- Jones in the Fast Lane
- Eco Quest
- Man Hunter 2
- The Dagger of Amon Ra
- Family Fun Pack
- The Incredible Machine
- Willy Beamish
- Man Hunter

Some AMAZING games!!!

- The X-Files - Unrestricted Access
- Commander Keen 4 & 5 - "Goodbye Galaxy" (SEALED)
- Alien Carnage
- Double Dragon III
- Jazz Jackrabbit (SEALED)
- Book - Masters of Doom
- Book - The Making of Prince of Persia

Hometown finds!

Cool games I found right here in my hometown!
- Gameboy Classic
- PS2 - Primal - Collector's Edition
- Wii - MadWorld
- GB - Jurassic Park
- GB - 16 in ONE
- DS - Sudoku Master
- DS - Magie & Illusie
Nice donation from Misja!


Loom is complete. The other 2 games are missing some content.

Thnx Misja!

Some great internet finds!

A bunch of games I found on "THE INTERNETZ!!!"

- Age of Empires
- Age of Empires - Rise of Rome - Expension
- Age of Empires II
- Broken Sword I - The Shadow of the Templar
- Broken Sword II - The Smoking Mirror
- Tomb Raider I
- Tomb Raider II
- Tomb Raider III
- Baldur's Gate - Tales of the Sword Coast
- Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn
- Diablo I
- Hellfire - Diablo I Expension
- Star Wars - X-Wing VS Tie Fighter
- Star Wars - Dark Forces II - Jedi Knight
- Torment
- Rama - Limited Edition
- Magic the Gathering - Duel's of the Planeswalkers
- Zork Nemesis
- Myst III - Exile
- LBA 2 - Little Big Adventure 2
- Nemesis
- Populous the Beginning
- RollerCoaster Tycoon
- MDK - Special Edition
- Blade Runner
- Creatures 2
- Monopoly
- Giant ...something something
- Unreal
- The X-Files - The Game
- Boyard - De Legende
- Shanghai
- Die by the Sword
- Dark Earth
- Lands of Lore
- Lands of Lore II
- Red Alert
- Lighthouse
- Wing Commander - Prophecy
- Warhammer - Dark Omen
- Black Dahlia
- Timelapse
- Swing
- Clandestiny
- Sim Mania Pack
- Chronicles of the Sword
- Kingdom O' Magic
- Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers
- Gabriel Knight II - The Beast Within
- Actua - Ice Hockey
- Fifa 96 - Soccer
- Fifa 98 - Road to World Cup
- Fifa 2000
- Redline Racer
- Championship Manager - Seizoen 97/98
- Premier Manager 97
- World Cup 98
- KickOff 97
- Pete Sampras - Tennis 97
- Game, Net & Match!
- Actua - Tennis
- Roland Garros - French Open

Some very cool games!


Total Annihilation
Dance Dance Revolution
Final Liberation, Warhammer EPIC 40.000
Half-Life generation
Dawn of War II Retribution (collectors edition)
Warhammer Dark Omen
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. shadow of Chernobyl
Sid Meijer's - Civilization IV
Max Payne
Beyond good & evil
Morrowind - Game of the Year Edition
Guildwars - Special Edition
Guildwars Nightfall
Guildwars Eye of the North
Guildwars Factions
Guildwars 2
Bioshock (not on the photo)

Thank you Jeroen Cramer! :D

Couple of games!

- Total Annihilation - Battle Tactics
- America
- Alpha Centauri
- Panzer Commander
- Titanic
- Inside Independence Day
- Army Men
- Star Trek BORG
- Flying Saucer


I bought a couple of "AMAZING!!!" PC games from Patrick!
Many of them are sealed or in (near)mint condition!

Here we go:
- Classic Adventure
- The LucasArts Archives Vol. 1
- The LucasArts Archives Vol. 2
- The LucasArts Archives Vol. 3
- Pirates!
- Afterlife
- Eric the Unready
- DreamWeb
- Flashback
- Sim Theme Park
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- Skate or Die
- D
- Inca
- Inca II
- Goblins Quest 3
- Gobliins 2
- Willy Beamish
- Legend of Kyrandia 2 - The Hand of Fate
- The Zork Anthology
- Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2
- Official Hoyle Book of Games - Solitaire
- Aces
- Wing Commander
- Wing Commander II - Deluxe Edition
- Wonderland
- Corporation
- Colonization
- Starship Titanic
- The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain
- Sin
- Aliens Versus Predator
- X-Com Interceptor
- Editors' Choice Collection
- Family Fun Pack
- Freddy Fish (with free Freddy Fish Watch)
- Star Wars - Episode I - Insider's Guide
- Banzai Bug
- Star Wars - Episode I - Racer
- Star Wars - Jar Jar's Journey
- Star Wars - Dark Forces II - Jedi Knight
- Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire
- Star Wars - X-Wing VS Tie Fighter - Balance of Power

Thanks a million Patrick! :D

Brutal Legend SIGNED!!!

- Lydia Choy
- Drew Skillman
(Double Fine Productions)

It was so cool to meet them both!!! :D

250 Games (150 Big Box)

Around 250 games (of which 150 in big box)! Koen helpt me get them all in the car! It almost didn't fit (small car)! ^^;

Thnx Koen!