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Azure Dreams

A game that was still on my bucket list.

Shining Force!

- Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon
Someone told me this is an awesome game! Let's find out!

Some nice Game Boy finds!

- Quest for Camelot
- Gift
- Robin Hood
- NBA All Star Challenge
- Fortress of Fear
- Aladdin

My first 3DS! :3

I believe you can tell I'm a retro gamer just by the fact that I have bought my first Nintendo 3DS 5 years after the release of the first Nintendo 3DS. :P

Commodore 64 games!

I found these two C64 games in a shop in Amsterdam: - Rockfords Riot! & Boulder Dash (2 in 1 cassette)
- Impossible Mission (cassette)

I really like the shape of the first game. You really don't see something like that everyday. And "Impossible Mission" is a game I have played together with a friend when I was very little.

Chrono Trigger in box!

I already owned the cartridge of the game and during an event I was able to buy the original box with manual and map for only €30,-.

Me happy! ^^

The first Final Fantasy (NES)

I have waited a couple of years to be able to buy this game (CIB) for the right price. It was worth waiting for.

Fallout Anthology!

Our cat found a bomb shelter! ;)

Turrican I & II (C64)

It may seem weird but I kinda like the idea that the people from "Duke Nukem 1 (MS-DOS)" stole a lot of graphics from these two games! :P

Lemmings 2 - Tribes

Another one for the Lemmings Collection! ^^

Some PSP games

Two of my favorite PSP games:
- Loco Roco
- Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake

Metal Gear & Jade Cocoon 2

When you find them for way too cheap you just have to buy them. :3

New Game Boy titles!

Some Game Boy games I found during an event!
- GBC - Pocket Bomberman
- GBA - Phantasy Star Collection (I, II & III)
- GBC - Lemmings
- GBA - Zelda: The Minish Cap
- DS - Advance Wars: Dual Strike

SPACE QUEST (Black Box Edition)

The last Space Quest game in box I was still missing in my Space Quest Collection (this version has the grid background)!


Another "MUST-HAVE" title for a collector like me:
- Darkseed (with artwork by H. R. Geiger)!

The first Mega Man for the PC!

This is the Mega Man of which the people of the first Duke Nukem game stole some graphics! ;)

Softporn Adventure Article

Softporn (game by On-line) got a small mention in Time Magazine (the October 5, 1981 issue). This was Time Magazine's first ever article on computer games.

Catz - Your Computer Petz

Catz (SEALED)!!! I payed $4,- for it (including shipping). ;)


The Ultimate Wizardry Archives! I found this in a thrift shop for €2,50

Bart's House of WEIRDNESS!!!

The Simpsons: Bart's House of Weirdness! I used to play this a lot when I was just a kid! Even after years of playing I still wasn't able to finish one level! This game was quite difficult! ^^;

Monty Python's Flying Circus

The DOS game of Monty Python's Flying Circus! :P

Retro City Rampage 486

This is the Limited Big-Box 486 Edition of the game "Retro City Rampage". It includes an MS-DOS version of the game on an actual 3.5" Floppy Disk.

I love it when they make modern games playable on old computer systems.

Duke Nukem II - Episode I

The first Episode of Duke Nukem II - Duke Nukem II: Battle Aliens and Robodroids

Brain Dead 13

I came across this interesting shaped game in big box. I remembered a friend talking about this game and it made me curious enough to buy it.


One of the Holy Grails in my collection! This game is one of my all time favorites!

4 boxed PC games!


An awesome donation of a friend:
- REAH: Face the Unknown
- Light and Darkness: The Prophecy
- Black Dahlia
- Temüjin

Thank you Ysbrand!

Prince of Persia 1

The first "Prince of Persia" in original (very beautifully shaped) big box.

Kingsday loot 2015!

During this year's Kingsday in the Netherlands I found:
- Atari Lynx (with California Games inside)
- Gameboy DS lite with R4 card
- 3 PC games (boxed)
- 7 PC games (jewelcase)
- 6 PC games (dvd-case)
- 1 PC game demo (sleeve)
- 6 Gameboy DS games
- 3 PlayStation 2 games
- 10 PlayStation 3 games
And some other stuff! :P

Super Mario Bros 3 Mix

After waiting for a couple of months, this beautiful "homebrew" game has FINALLY arrived!!! :D

Three great games

All three completely different and completely awesome! ;)
- Rise of the Triad
- Claw (also known as "Captain Claw")
- Ken's Labyrinth (SEALED)

Kirby & Mario Soundtrack CD

Yay for Club Nintendo Star Points! ^^

Toki Tori (SIGNED)

A complete in box version of Toki Tori for the Game Boy Color (signed by the two creators of the game).

And an original Toki Tori USB stick. :3
(one of only 300 in existence)

I love how they always put "Guybrush Threepwood" in the credits of their games. ^^

Darkseed 1 and 2

Time to play some Darkseed (a psychological horror point-and-click adventure game based on the artwork by H.R. Giger)!

MYST Trilogy


Thank you Jord (from the game shop "Next Level" in Hilversum) for this awesome donation!

Softporn Adventure

:D :D :D

Sierra(Vision) Jackpot

Some AMAZING SierraVision/Sierra On-line games I found:
- Threshold (C64)
- Mr. Cool (C64)
- Jawbreaker (Atari)
- Lunar Leeper (Vic 20)
- Crossfire (Atari)
- Frogger (Mac/PC)
- BC's Quest for Tires (Mac/PC)
- Championship Boxing (PC)

Mega Man: The Wily Wars

Suddely I came across this beauty:
- Mega Man: The Wily Wars (for the Sega Mega Drive)

I bought it out of curiosity.

Impossible Creatures

After 4 years of searching I finally found this game for a very nice price. Even though I don't have the big boxed version of this game, I'm still very happy to be able to finally play it.


It's a forgotten gem among games and is quite hard to come by for a reasonable price. If you don't know this game and you can buy it for cheap... Don't hesitate and buy it! ;)

Bomberman Quest (GBC)

I was always very curious about the story/gameplay of this game. Now I can finally discover if it's any good. :)


Who doesn't want "Frogger" the board game? :D

Eidos VHS tape

A very interesting looking Eidos VHS tape.

Curious about what's on the tape? ;)

SNES & NES USB controllers

Some nice USB controllers for on my PC. And don't worry guys... I'm not going to play any less on my NES or SNES consoles. ;)

PC games!


A cool donation from Julian and Alex!!!
- Descent3 ("De sage gaat doo..." :P)
- Megarace 2
- The Sims
- Autobahn Racer
- P.Y.S.T. (Parody of M.Y.S.T.)

Thnx guys! :)

Some funny Game Boy games

A couple of Game Boy games I found:
- Mickey's Dangerous Chase
- Interactive Adventures: Hercules
- Dr. Mario
- SeaBattle
- Game & Watch Gallery
- Lion King (with a weird "credits" sticker)
- Bust A Move 3 DX
- The Flintstones

Four lovely PC games

Here are 4 boxed PC games I added to my collection.
- Normality
- SimTower
- Outlaws
- Civilization II

Flappy Bird for Game Boy Advance

An awesome gift from Jay van Hutten during my housewarming! Flappy Bird for the GBA!!! Programmed by Jay himself:

Thnx Jay! :D

Four Epic Pinball Games

I found 4 of the 12 Epic Pinball in big box.
All of them are sealed.
- Enigma
- Deep Sea
- Cyborgirl
- Crash & Burn