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Duke Nukum!!!

Awesome acquisition to end the year with! :D

More information about the Name Change:

A couple of boxed games!


A little while ago I already got a very cool donation from Misja, but apparently he found some more games for me!

Thanks again for your donation Misja! :)

35 big-boxed games!


An amazing donation!!! :D

Thank you Bart Rubbens! It was really cool of you to drop by the museum!

Johnny Castaway

This is without a doubt the most famous Screen Saver in the world (and a great addition to the Sierra part of my collection)! :P

Czech games!


These are the first Czech games in my collection!

Thank you very much Hermit IntheForest for this amazing donation!!!


Music-CD with RedCat on it! I couldn't resist buying it! :P

20 years of Triumph Studios!


Lennart Sas, co-founder of the Dutch game company Triumph Studios approached me recently: "Hi Anne, saw news about your collection. Would you like some Triumph games for your collection?.

Then he send me a box with all the games Triumph Studios had ever made! O.O

Not only super cool to receive games and gain the ablility to expand my collection, but as a Dutch collector also a great honor to be able to give immortalize this amazing piece of Dutch gaming history in my collection!

A huge "Thank you!!!" for this wonderful donation Lennart! I will ensure that it gets the place it deserves!

A2 Racer [signed]

A2 Racer signed by Rudolf Wolterbeek Muller (former owner of Redcat Software which later joined forces with Davilex). During his time at Davilex he worked on great games like the RedCat series, Amsterdoom, but also the awesome game series called A2 Racer.

I came to him with my jewelcased copy of A2 Racer telling him I was never able to find a boxed copy of the game and that I still hoped to find one so I could make my A2 Racer collection complete. Then he said something that surprised me. He told me that A2 Racer never came out in a box, only in jewelcase. I had never known this but it made me smile since my search for a complete (and even signed) copy of A2 Racer was now over. :D

Thank you Rudolf!


Elger Jonker from "Awesome Space" really made my day (Thank you so much Elger)! He said he had a "few" boxed PC games lying around for me! All I had to do was drop by and pick them up!

What an amazing donation!

Vinyl Goddess from Mars

Epic was to publish this game as a sequel to Jill of the Jungle, but was not happy with the quality of the game, and published Jazz Jackrabbit instead (great decision).

Still a must have in my collection though! ;)

Halloween Harry

Another name changer! Most people know this game by the name Alien Carnage!

LGR made a nice video about this game that explains it rather well:

So awesome to find a boxed/complete version of this game. I already had the boxed version of "Alien Carnage" but this buy made my day and will soon be added to my collection in the Games & Computers museum!

Games in box!


An awesome donation from Bart:
- Red Alert 2 (DVD-case) - RIVEN
- Beasts & Bumpkins
- One Step Beyond (box only)
- Rubik's Games
- Isle of the Dead
- Age of Empires II - The Age of Kings
- The Sims

Thank you Bart Naus! :)

Games in box!


A few titles Dave and Jeroen (from the "Game Over" shop in Amsterdam) put aside for me:
- Messiah
- Egypte II
- Atlantis
- Aztec
- Baldur's Gate II
- The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon
- The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal
- The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
- Neverwinter Nights - Deluxe Edition!
- King's Quest Collection

Thank you guys! :)

Some cool game titles!


Some cool game titles I was able to pick up during my visit at my brother's place! His neighbour was moving and tried to get rid of some stuff. Among this stuff were some games he gave to me. So I'm very happy that I was able to give these games a new home! :)

Thanks Matthijs!

Dragon's Lair - DVD

Yup! A game on DVD! Just make the right choices at the right time by using your TV remote! This game is (like every other Dragon's Lair game) hard as hell, but I did manage to finish it after a couple of days!

Serf City: Life is Feudal

Many people know this game by another name. Does "The Settlers" ring a bell? That's right, this is the exact same game as The Settlers but them published by SSI (North America) where they decided to give it another name!

Hare Raising Havoc - SEALED

A game I played with our neighbours! This game is HARD! We managed to get out of the garden on the other side of the fence!


I got this game through a trade with Naomi from the Games & Computer museum!

Thank you Naomi!

Commander Keen 1 (sealed)!

The first part of the Commander Keen series! I always laugh when I see this cover art! XD

Love it! <3


Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen...! So much awesomeness in one box! Another one I can cross off my bucketlist!

Streets of Rage - Red Vinyl

The original soundtrack to the classic SEGA game, newly remastered in collaboration with legendary composer, Yuzo Koshiro.

Kingsday loot 2016!

It was a long day of searching but I definitely found some cool stuff!
- 2 PC games (boxed)
- 1 PC game (dvd-case)
- 1 Wii game
- 1 PlayStation 2 game
- 4 PlayStation 3 games
- 3 PSP games
- 6 Gameboy DS games
- 3 Gameboy Classic games

DVD-case goodness!


Got an awesome donation from Jan Willem Nijman (from Vlambeer)!

So many amazing titles:
- Diablo II
- GTA 2
- Extremely Goofy Skateboarding
- Command & Conquer: The First Decade
- The Orange Box
- Grim Fandango
...just to name a few!

There was even a sealed copy of McPixel among them!

Thnx JW!!!


A few years ago I didn't even knew this game had a box! It took me a while but I finally found it for a reasonable price!

I'm so happy I can finally add this beauty to my collection! :D

Might and Magic VI + T-shirt

A very nice find! This Limited Edition also came with a little miniature and holographic cd-roms!


I played this quite a few times when I was a kid! I was very surprised to find a boxed version of this game!

Couple of big boxed PC games

I was able to buy some big boxed PC games from several sources. Almost all the games were less than 1,- each. :)

Best DS games EVER!!!

Behold, my favorite 2 DS games:
- Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
- 999 (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors)

If you have never played one of these two games before, I suggest you try and find one of them and start playing it on the double. ;)

DS mania

Some fun titles I was able to buy for cheap:
- WarioWare: Touched!
- Nintendo DS Browser
- Final Fantasy III
- Advance Wars: Dark Conflict
- Orks & Elves
- Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker
- Yoshi: Touch & Go
- Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle

Professor Layton

Suddenly I realised it was time for some good old Professor Layton!