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Quite difficult to get and happy that I found it for a very reasonable price!

A game written by Randy Glover who has stated that Donkey Kong was the original inspiration for Jumpman, although it is not clear that the naming commonality is anything but a coincidence.

A couple PC games (DVD-case)

Some PC games I didn't have yet:
- RedCat Super Karts (I'm super stoked about this one)
- Wacky Races (known from tv)
- RC cars (I remember playing this as a kid)
- Impossible Creatures (a masterpiece)
- Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust (nuff said)

The Official Book of King's Quest VI

This book (as it says on the cover) contains essential hints, maps and strategies for solving King's Quest I-VI. That's right: "ALL" King's Quest games up till King's Quest VI

3 new NES games!

- Smash TV (amazing game for up to 4 players)
- Image Fight (difficult but nice game)
- Rad Racer (with amazing 3D effects :P)

3 new Game Boy games!

- Super James Pond (a classic)
- Bomberman GB (a GREAT bomberman game)
- Game Boy Gallery (5 games in 1)

Wolfenstein 3D Hint Manual

This manual has ALL the Wolfenstein 3D maps in it!
I'm really happy to be able to add this to my collection!

IndieBox goodness!

3 awesome IndieBox games have finally arrived!
- The Stanley Parable CE (my favorite IndieBox)
- RIVE (last game made by Two Tribes)
- Nuclear Throne (a Vlambeer masterpiece)

Always nice being able to support the Dutch games industry. ;)