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Ultima Trilogy!

Finally in my collection (for a nice price).

Both Blake Stone games!

These two both arrived today in very good condition. Very happy to finally have them in my collection! :)

Maniac Mansion (Finally)!

Cool! I finally found a copy of the "Lust" Edition! ;)

Beauty and the Beast!

I found a sealed copy of Beauty and the Beast for a very nice price!

Jazz Jackrabbit '95


This is a Dutch Shareware release of Jazz Jackrabbit '95 that I got from Thomas Pathuis!

Thank you Thomas!


So I came accross this game...! I'm not really sure (since it's still sealed) but this might be the game that inspired me to create my comic figure Hangman 3D!

The new Leisure Suit Larry game!

Weird that this big box edition only got released in Germany! I'm glad I managed to get a copy!

Some cool Game Boy games!

These games were 1,- each in a second-hand shop. I just had to buy them.

Big Box PC Games and more!


Thank you Tjores! :)

Worms - The Full Wormage!

Any Worms players in tha house? It even came with a cool t-shirt!

Little Chicken!


I had an amazing time playtesting at Little Chicken Game Company in Amsterdam! Afterwards they gave me some Chocolate and the game Track Lab as a donation for my collection!


Many games could be played during the GameOn Event in Lithuania! At the end of the event I was able to get a DVD that contained a couple of these games!

Some cool PC games!


A really cool donation with some awesome games!

Thank you Fred Meijer!

Some really cool games!


I received a donation from Peter Schofield with some really awesome games!

Thank you very much Peter!

Hexx (Sealed)!

A game I was quite curious about!

Chex Quest!

This game came with cereal you could buy!

6 amazing PC games in big box!

I have been searching for some of these titles for quite a while now!
- Fast Attack
- Nascar Racing 3
- Police Quest 2
- Heroes of Might and Magic
- Duke Nukem 3D Screen Saver & Entertainment Pack
- Sin (John Romero Edition :P)

Thank you very much Pieter Hensen!

Shareware games in small box!

I recently bought these (all sealed). The games are all shareware.
- God of Thunder
- Hexxagon
- Xargon 1
- Blake Stone

Donkey Kong Rumble!

Never heard of this game before? Keep it that way!

The Art of Point-n-Click Adventure Games!

A great book for Point-n-Click Adventure Game enthusiasts like me! ;)

Retro Game Magazines!


I wanted to thank Luke Hsu for these amazing Retro Game Magazines he send me!

Luke is the person behind these magazines and even though they're not in my language, these magazines are really beautiful to browse through! Amazing quality and awesome posters that came with it! <3

More info:

God of Thunder (sealed)!

I found a boxed copy of God of Thunder (sealed)! After talking with the developer it seems that only 200 of these boxed versions exist.

Two Aackosoft Games!

Some cool original Aackosoft titles!

Two Dutch games!

Two new games for my Dutch Games collection!
- De Blob 2 (DS)
- Fairytale Fights (PS3)

De Brand Slakkenrace!

A race where your goal is to cross the finish line last!

The Realm!

So I bought this recently. One of the earliest massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG).

Awesome Space!


Wouw! I got this amazing donation from the people from! If you ever visit the Netherlands, make sure to visit these guys! The Awesome Space is stuffed with Retro Gaming awesomeness! And if you visit on a Wednesday or Friday it's completely free! They even have a small computer museum you can visit!

These guys are awesome! <3

Quake III (Tin Box Edition)!

I'm very happy to finally have this in my collection!


This game is AWESOME!!! I never knew it excisted until recently! It's an RTS... for the GBC! :O

And is it any good? YES!!! YES IT IS!!! I was also very surprised to see Jeroen Tel in the credits! Awesome! <3

Happy Birthday to me!


A birthday present from a good friend of mine!

Thanks Bart! ;)


A game to fill in the gaps in my collection!

Jazz Jackrabbit!

The original release of All Six Episodes! These diskettes are very hard to find! So cool that I can finally add them to my collection!

Two Nikita Games!

These two games can be seen as the sequal to Captain Claw!

Apogee: Sample Games

Back in the days games didn't came in boxes but were instead shipped in just a sleeve. This is one of those disks. There were a couple of disks I could buy but this one stood out for me since it is quite a mystery to what is actually on there!

I still don't know! ;)


This was a bit of a gamble! The description of this "item" on ebay was extremely vague and it didn't came with a picture! It was also extremely cheap so all the signs said that I shouldn't buy it! But there was a little part in the description that felt very honest and I decided to take a leap of faith! Turned out to be the best decision ever!

Super Mario Bros (LP single)

Hahaha! Maybe one of the most well know game theme of all time!

Thimbleweed Park (Vinyl)

A really cool addition! Hmm... It looks like it has a speck of dust on the front cover!

Sword & Sworcery (Vinyl)

Awesome game!
Beautiful music!

Police Quest 3

Just filling in the gaps in my collection!

Three PC games!

Once again my visit at the Game Shop in Haarlem (NL) was a succes!

Random mix of awesomeness!


I got all this from a friend!
- 5 Sega Mega Drive Games
- 16 PS2 Games
- 6 PC games
- Sega Master System with suitcase and 1 game
- PS3
- Some Magazines
- Controllers

But perhaps my biggest surprise was the Power Unlimited Magazine from 1994! It turned out to have a two page article about Arjan Brussee and his Jazz Jackrabbit activities from just before its release! It even contained 7 beta Jazz Jackrabbit 1 screenshots that the world had forgotten! More news about the discovery can be found HERE!

Thank you VERY much Serjan Pruis!

The Saturday Evening Post!

I just received this amazing art-piece by Joseph Christian Leyendecker! Guess what cover-art was inspired by this masterpiece! ;)

That's right:
- Laura Bow The Dagger of Amon Ra

By many collectors considered to be one of the most beautiful video game box art covers!

Three awesome PC games!

On my holiday I bought these games in a Retro Game Shop in Madrid. At the airport I was taken aside because I had something suspicious in my luggage. One guy asked me to open my luggage and when he saw my games he gasped. It turned out that the Lamborghini game I bought was one of his childhood favorites.

- Lamborghini: American Challenge
- Xeno Bots
- Block Out

Zombie Wars!

Very happy with my latest catch!
- Zombie Wars (sequel to Halloween Harry)

Invasion Deutschland!

New in my collection: Invasion Deutschland! The German version of "Amsterdoom"! ;)

RedCat II: De ontvoering

A game that perfectly fits the rest for my RedCat collection! I'm very happy with this one (even though it's is missing the original sleeve)! ^^

3D Monster Maze

The very first 3D game EVER!!!

Plane Crazy!

I have the merchandise for this game for a very long time now, and today I finally have the game itself! XD

Zelda: Tips & Tricks

A guide to The Legend of Zelda (NES)! Most people don't even know this booklet exists!

Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare

It might be a little early to celebrate Christmas, but I don't care! This beauty is the perfect addition to my Jazz Jackrabbit collection! <3

Kingsday loot 2018

Another successful Kingsday! :D

Rescuing Orc

Rescuing Orc is a game for the Commodore 64 (released in August 2017). It's a really cool (and quite hard) platform game with beautiful graphics and very nice music. What makes this game even better is the fact that it came out in an amazing looking big box. I just had to have it. ^^

Jazz Jackrabbit SIGNED!!!

Awesome! I finaly have a copy of Jazz Jackrabbit signed by none other than: Cliff Bleszinski!!! :D

Amiga & C64 games


I don't have an Amiga (yet) but hopefully I'll be able to play some of these beauties one day!
[Amiga] - MYTH
[Amiga] - Hudson Hawk (with Cap)
[Amiga] - Turrican 3
[Amiga] - The Blues Brothers
[C64] - A View to a Kill
[C64] - Rambo III
[C64] - HardBall!

Thank you Floris!

Battery Check recycle bin!

Remember that game Battery Check (made with the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 engine)? I found some merchandise. ;)

Some big box PC games


Friends of mine donated some cool games. They were about to throw them away so I'm glad asked me first. :)

Thank you very much for this donation Eveline & Sven! ^^

Jazz Jackrabbit Plush


Last year I asked Nigel Kent if he maybe had a spare Jazz Jackrabbit Plush he could miss. Nigel was part of the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 team around 1998/1999 (Administration) and after years of searching I almost lost hope in ever finding a plush.

After quite some time suddenly a package arrived with the plush! Nigel knew I already got one from Michiel van der Leeuw but he send it to me anyway.

This is really awesome Nigel!
Thank you so much!

The Dark Crystal

One of the 7 Hi-Res Adventures I was still missing. The only one I'm still missing now is "Hi-Res Adventure #3: Cranston Manor". Slowly getting there. ;)

Very unique Davilex donation


I had a meeting with Rudolf Wolterbeek Muller. He used to work at Davilex and is the man behind a Dutch educational game series called "RedCat" (I grew up with many of his games). He also worked on the "A2 Racer" series and the game "Amsterdoom". ;) He went to see if he had some unique RedCat/Davilex related items for my collection. From a plastic bag he took out some very special items.
To list a few:

- The very first educational RedCat game
- RedCat 1 Master Diskette!!!
- A VHS tape to promote the 3rd RedCat game
- Autobahn Raser the movie (DVD)
- Amsterdoom PC Zone cover poster

Thank you very much Rudolf!
You made my day!

Jazz Jackrabbit Plush


Thank you sooo much Michiel van der Leeuw for your visit and for donating me this amazing Jazz Jackrabbit Plush! :D

Jazz Jackrabbit Christmas Chronicles


My quest for the Jazz Jackrabbit Christmas Chronicles Big Box is finally over. Niels Walta completely made my day by donating it to me during the Jazz Jackrabbit Event I had organized. A game I've been looking for for ages! It even came with the rare flyer (small poster) that was only given out to a handful of other companies to show them what the game was about.

Thanks a million Niels!

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 T-Shirt


I got this T-shirt from Maarten Porsch (former CEO at PMR / Project Two) during the Jazz Jackrabbit Event.

Thank you very much Maarten!

Jazz Jackrabbit Shareware Disk

Look what just arrived! The very first Shareware release of Jazz Jackrabbit! <3

It has now joined the rest of the Jazz Jackrabbit collection! :3

John Romero's Broken Keyboard (Signed)!


I never would have thought this would end up in my collection! :P

One day Brenda Romero shared a story of John (co-founder of id software) playing a game of Quake against Ronan Pearce. After he lost a game (level DM4), the keyboard started to malfunction due to repeated beatings from John. John then said the following:
"I think this keyboard was build with a build-in beating detector. As soon as you start thrashing it, it instantly turns off, and the harder you thrash it, the longer it stays off."

When I heard that I knew that this keyboard deserved a place in history, so I asked if I could have it. Both John and Brenda were very kind and shipped the keyboard to me. It was signed by both John Romero and Ronan Pearce.

John and Brenda, thank you both very much for this awesome gift!

Dangerous Dave T-Shirt (Signed)!

I bought this awesome Dangerous Dave T-Shirt signed by John Romero. It will get a nice spot in the museum!

Thank you John for signing the shirt and for the background info!

The Silver Seed

Soon after I got those Silver Seed Film Slides from Joe Garrity I decided to search for the actual game.

Found it! ^^

Radarsoft Games

I bought these just in time for the Dutch Games exhibitian!

- Eindeloos
- Tempo Typen
- De Sekte
- De Grotten van Oberon

Team Hoi Games


I had the honor to meet Metin Seven and Reinier van Vliet from Team Hoi!

They donated 2 games they had made back in the day.
- HOI (signed)
- Moon Child (signed)

It was really cool to meet them! :D

Silver Seed Slides + Newsletter


I'm completely blown away by this donation from Joe Garrity! These are slides of film used to make the box cover of the Ultima Add-On "The Silver Seed". :O

He also added an actual inter-office newsletter from Origin (made for the employees) to the donation.

Thank you SO much Joe!!!