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King's Bounty

Very happy with this bounty! :D
(Heroes of Might and Magic 0)

Jazz Jackrabbit (for Mac)

The guy who has everything from Jazz Jackrabbit finally has the Mac version! ;) It took me quite a while to find it for a good price!

The rarest game EVER???

Ever heard of the game Akalabeth (by Richard Garriott)? This is probably one of the ALL TIME rarest PC games out there! And I'm thrilled to announce that I have recently found a legit copy of this game!!! :O

It is probably the only copy now existing in the Netherlands!

See here a little bit of info about the game:

A2 Racer display stand

In the Netherlands the game "A2 Racer (1997)" might be the most well known Dutch game of all time! Getting this display stand as a donation from one of the original makers is really mind blowing! Only one in excistence and it stood in their office for many years! :O

PS. This game even has its own movie!

RedCat Spookkasteel

One less RedCat game to search for!

Thank you so much Peter van Puijvelde! :D