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DISK ROOM - (Original Soundtrack)

Just look at this gorgeous saw-shaped heavyweight vinyl LP! It contains 16 electronica tracks from the game Disc Room! I was lucky enough to buy a copy just before they sold out!

Artist/Music by doseone

Game Trailer:

Eye Of The Beholder 2

One of the best dungeon crawler games out there! With with one the trilogy is complete! I also love the cover art!

Book by P.G. Wodehouse

The Brinkmanship of Galahad Threepwood

Ever wondered where the name "Threepwood" from Guybrush Threepwood came from? Here's your answer! ;)

The Hugo Trilogy

Any Hugo fans?

Here is the original 2004 CD-Rom release, complete with Hint Booklet and even an original receipt.
- Hugo's House of Horrors (AKA Hugo's Horrific Adventure)
- Hugo's Whodunit? (AKA Hugo's Mystery Adventure)
- Hugo's Jungle of Doom (AKA Hugo's Amazon Adventure)

We used to have this on diskette. I always assumed we only had demo's, but later I realized we had the full versions all along.


The rabbit from the game "Sam & Max" from LucasArts. Designed in collaboration with Steve Purcell.

Colossal Cave Adventure

Originally developed by Will Crowther between 1975 and 1977 for the PDP-10 mainframe. Probably video gaming's most influential title ever and is generally the first known example of interactive fiction. Games such as Adventureland by Scott Adams, Zork by the Infocom team and Mystery House by Roberta and Ken Williams of Sierra Entertainment were all directly influenced by Colossal Cave Adventure. It also inspired John Romero (Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, Quake) to start making games.

In the picture:
Colossal Cave Adventure
Amstrad - 1985
A faithful adaptation of the original game.

Colossal Adventure
Commodore 64 - 1983
A faithful adaptation of the original game (with graphics).

Jewels of Darkness
Atari 800 - 1983
A faithful adaptation of the original game plus two extra episodes (with graphics).

Microsoft Adventure
IBM PC - 1981
Based on Colossal Cave Adventure. Also one of the very first games for IBM PC.

Commodore 64 - 1978
Very much inspired by Colossal Cave Adventure (with graphics).
All in all unique pieces of gaming history!



I own a HUGE thanks to Luke Hsu who donated this unique gem: THE BLACK ONYX

This Japanese game was made by the Dutch game designer Henk Rogers and was Japan's first major turn-based role-playing video game (1984).

The game sold 150,000 copies, and helped familiarize the Japanese public with RPGs.

Henk Rogers is also known for securing the rights to distribute Tetris on video game consoles and founded The Tetris Company, which licenses the Tetris trademark.

Amazing new titles

I got these amazing title in a trade with a great friend of mine!

Thanks a million Vlad!


A game from the Zork series. Complete with comic book!

Original RedCat Cap

As a huge RedCat fan, finding this cap made me extremely happy! :3


This one took me WAY too long to get! ^^;


Nice find for €1,50
The prices that people ask for this game on eBay are insane!

WoW Collector's Edition (2x)

The latest 2 World of Warcraft Collector's Editions:
- Battle for Azeroth
- Shadowlands

Quake Vinyl - By NIN

My NIN Quake Vinyl arrived! I love what they did with Side D! ;)

Command & Conquer Remastered

It's here! The Command & Conquer Remastered Collectors Edition! And it has a nice rainbow effect when photographed!

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The first Flight Simulator in the series (now with color)!

3 Lord of the Rings games (PC)

Some amazing new titles in my collection! All for an amazing price! I would love to try these out!

The Chaos Engine

A great classic! With the amazing art of the Bitmap Brother!

Quest for the Golden Hare

Any treasure Hunters around here? Ever heard of the game "Hareraiser" or the book "Masquerade" that started it?

More info:

Hexen + Expansion

It took me a while, but there they are! Great condition! Great price!

120 years of Vlambeer and friends

Thank you Vlambeer for being awesome all this time! I wish both Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman a bright future and the best of luck!

Dungeon Keeper 2 figurine

I got Horny today! ;)

This Dungeon Keeper 2 figurine will look bad ass in the museum!

Guerrilla Games Stuffz


I got this cool Guerrilla Games donation from a great friend Daniël (who works there)!

Thank you so much Daniël!

New Big Box PC Games

Some new PC games in big box! I'm actually quite curious about Fast Attack!

Davilex - Inspecteur Banaan

A complete version of:
"Inspecteur Banaan en de ontvoering van Mabella"

A game made by Torpedo Games, and published by Davilex (the first game Davilex ever published)! Probably the rarest game made in the Netherlands! Also probably the first Point-N-Click Adventure game made in the Netherlands!

This is really a milestone in my collection!

Cheat Books

3 books/magazines filled with Cheats/Tips & Tricks for PC games!

"That's Death" single

Was surprised to see this quite hard to find gem in a very cheap lot I bought!

"That's Death"
by Eric Idle

Music from the forthcoming Computer Game Discworld II


I thought this game box was pretty awesome/unique and decided to buy it! Probably one of the weirdest boxes out there!

I was a bit disappointed that it didn't came with a couple of fresh eggs! ;)

BFG 9000

I just bought myself this Big F$%#ing Gun!!! ;)

This toy gun was used as a texture for the BFG 9000 gun in the original DOOM game!

More info here:

Pac-Man Fever Single

40 years of Pac-Man! Time to celebrate with this timeless Special Limited Edition (Arcade Screen Shaped) Pac-Man Fever Single from Buckner & Garcia!

LucasArts ViewMaster

So I found this awesome LucasArts ViewMaster! I was curious about the story behind it!

David Fox asked around for me and showed me the following reply from Scott Fry: "I was at LucasArts during this time, and these definitely were given out at E3. I remember giving them to media as they left the private booth. I wanted one so bad, but there were none left after the show so I missed out on a piece of LucasArts history."

Thank you both so much David and Scott!


The first in the series and in an amazing shape! Finally got this beauty! Looking forward in giving it a go!


My fan-game Mini Prince is FINISHED and can be played for FREE right now!

Download the game here:

Read about my awesome adventure here!

Also my two Mini Prince Limited Edition Mini Boxes have finally arrived! They look amazing! :D


I got 3 of these books from a good friend and bought the 4th one myself! I hear that the first 2 books are quite alright! Let's find out! ;)

Thanks you so much Vlad Micu!

Quake! Quake! Quake!

The top box has a little bit of Quad Damage, but still pretty awesome to have in my collection! ;)

Daria's Inferno

This game looked interesting. So I bought it. In the end it didn't turn out to be a very good game (IMO).

Jazz Jackrabbit PC Format Disk

These disks came with the PC Format magazine! I'm still missing that magazine! ^^;

Big Box PC games I bought!

Some more big box PC games for my collection!

Pink Panther's Passport to Peril

Cool Game!
Awesome box!

Pet rabbit Daisy (DOOM)

The deceased pet rabbit Daisy just arrived! Complete with a Death Certificate! Never knew Daisy died by (Demonic) Guillotine! :O

In the corner you can see John Romero holding the plush! The plush was made by Lillia Romero (the eldest Daughter of Sin)! Amazing job! <3

Wing Commander III - Film Box Edition

It took me a while but here it is (only missing the t-shirt)!

Space Quest IV - Reorchestrated

OMG!!! I won 1 of the 10 Space Quest IV cassette tapes (4/10)! :O
So amazing to hear the personally recorded message for me on it! <3

The Vinyl Records also look amazing! And I think Troels did a really amazing job on making this a reality!

Thank you sooo much Troels!

Creature Shock - Creature Box

Awesome box design! I love how the CD-Rom looks like an eye! <3
That's why I've decided to call it the "Creature Box"! :)

Mega Man X

One of the few Mega Man games for the PC!

Great big box games!


Incomplete here and there, but still a really amazing donation from Dan Policar <3

Thank you so much Dan!


A very interesting marble-game. Where you play against the game. This game catched my interest because of several reasons:
- It says "a plastic computer game" on the box - It's from the 1960s - There is a gun casually depicted on the box - The game is actually very unique/interesting - I saw this video:

Very glad I found it!

New big box games!

Some new big box PC games for a great price!

Red Baron II

Got Red Baron II complete with the famous "never expiring" Pizza Coupon!

LGR did a great video about it some time ago:

Forbidden Forest (1983 - Atari/C64)

One of the earliest video games to have: blood/paralax scrolling/a day & night cycle. :O

Duke Nukem 3D Kill-A-Ton Collection!

BOOM!!! Got it!

Counter-Strike bag!

Found this awesome bag on the attic!

Jazz Jackrabbit (Romware)

The ROMWARE version of Jazz Jackrabbit!


The very first game from Ubisoft!

Jazz Jackrabbit (From Taiwan)


Just when I thought I had seen everything Jazz Jackrabbit related, the jewel in the crown was still jet to come!

A Taiwanese version of JAZZ JACKRABBIT in big box!!! :O

It was distributed by a small company in Taiwan and even there it's extremely rare!

It was donated to me by the amazingly kind Luke Hsu! Thank you sooo much Luke! You can't imagine how happy you have made me! <3

Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans!

Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans (8/99)! The Blizzard game that almost didn't exist! Very glad to finally have one in my collection!

SIGIL Beast Box!

What a Beast! :O

Jungle Book!

In the category "But I thought a collector like you would already have that game!", here is Jungle Book!

Some awesome CD-Rom games!


These are some great titles! Especially this "Tien Adventures" CD-Rom brings back so many great memories!

Thank you very much Dernhelm! :)

Gabriel Knight Origami Box

So I can finally join the club! My Gabriel Knight Origami Box has arrived!

Putt-Putt Joins the Parade

One more Putt-Putt game to add to the collection! :3

King's Bounty

Very happy with this bounty! :D
(Heroes of Might and Magic 0)

Jazz Jackrabbit (for Mac)

The guy who has everything from Jazz Jackrabbit finally has the Mac version! ;) It took me quite a while to find it for a good price!

The rarest game EVER???

Ever heard of the game Akalabeth (by Richard Garriott)? This is probably one of the ALL TIME rarest PC games out there! And I'm thrilled to announce that I have recently found a legit copy of this game!!! :O

It is probably the only copy now existing in the Netherlands!

See here a little bit of info about the game:

1st Need for Speed

The first Need for Speed game! This is what started it all!

A2 Racer display stand

In the Netherlands the game "A2 Racer (1997)" might be the most well known Dutch game of all time! Getting this display stand as a donation from one of the original makers is really mind blowing! Only one in excistence and it stood in their office for many years! :O

PS. This game even has its own movie!

RedCat Spookkasteel

One less RedCat game to search for!

Thank you so much Peter van Puijvelde! :D

Auto Assault & EverQuest


A very cool donation from Justin!

Thanks Justin!