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Super Mario Bros (VHS)

The very first Video Game Movie ever!

DRAKAN Press Kit


Original review copy + press kit of the PC game DRAKAN (1999).

A beautiful donation from the Home Computer Museum in Helmond!

What could it be?


And all of a sudden I found myself late at night cycling to someone to pick up a mysterious donation. I really had no clue what he had for me. All I knew was that it at least contained 1 big box pc game.

In the end it turned out that... I should have brought a bigger bike! XD

I'm speechless!


A few weeks ago I posted a picture of me in the hospital, from right after my gallbladder surgery. On the picture I was holding my Jazz Jackrabbit plush.

Stacey Conley from Epic Games saw the picture and wished me a good recovery. She also wanted to send me something.

Yesterday that "something" arrived! :O

Now as you might know, I'm a HUGE Jazz Jackrabbit fan! And also own Worlds Largest Jazz Jackrabbit Collection! And I never would have guessed that I would receive official Jazz Jackrabbit shirts/items that I had never even seen before!

It turns out that these items are for Epic employees only.

Thank you SO much Stacey, for this mindblowing gift! <3

PS. I'm almost fully recovered!

Dutch Games!

Games I found recently during a Retro Games Fair in the Netherlands!

- Moorhuhn Jagd (PC)
- Topografie Nederland (MSX-2)

I was surprised to discover that Moorhuhn was created by the Dutch studio Witan Entertainment BV. It even came with an original Moorhuhn Wallet.

Horizon Forbidden West! :O

- Horizon Forbidden West: Collector's Edition
- Horizon Forbidden West: Regalla Edition

I'm ready for it! <3