Trusted Soil

A classic point-and-click adventure game with a modern twist

Life used to be fun and carefree here in Hetain.
But after my dad disappeared, everything changed. And he wasn't the only one. Strange things are happening around here, and I'm starting to wonder if the people in that big tower have something to do with it...

And what is that strange noise I keep hearing from behind The Black Wall?

Developed by three HKU graduate students, Trusted Soil is an modern adventure game set in the future that follows teenage boyscout Thomas Wild on his search for his disappeared father and the secrets that lie behind The Black Wall which surrounds his entire homeland of Hetian.

Trusted Soil is both a tribute to the classic adventure game genre and an attempt to innovate parts of said genre, such as the dialogue system and the way in which you interact with the world around you.

The story of Trusted Soil is lengthy and thus needs time to be told. For now you can play the beta of the first episode, which introduces you to Thomas and the world of Hetian. Keep an eye on our devblog for updates about the progress of the next episodes!